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 Todd Murdock

The ToddoT Universe

   The Toddot universe is populated with lovers and wanderers. They are seekers of visions and are searchers of truths. They are dreamers who cling tightly to their hopes, and sometimes too tightly to their fears. They are broken beings that are searching for love and acceptance rather than just yearning to be fixed. My art seeks to include the outsider, give hope for the downtrodden and to champion the underdog.

I have spent most of my life working in elementary schools. Reading stories to a mesmerized audience of kids has become my absolute favorite part of the school day. It is amazing how a light will just flash on in someone’s eyes when they suddenly just "get it". The look and feel of a children's book illustration have guided my art to a great extent, even as much as abstract expressionism, pop art, and street art has influenced the way I see and make things. I'm excited about the idea of sharing my stories through art and painting and music and laughter and love. 

     Over the years, I have been very outspoken about my struggles with Anxiety and Bipolar-Depression. My art has been and continues to be a reflection of that aspect of me. Many of the characters I have created were invented to help me process the hardship and the uncertainty that life offers. I find comfort in taking feelings of loneliness, frustration and yearning and then expressing them with warm, bright, vivid colors. This brings peace to my soul and may it bring peace to yours as well.


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